Maned Wolf Guaranteed

Maned Wolf Guaranteed

In 2004, an amazing new wildlife destination burst onto the South American scene: the Parnaíba Headwaters National Park (PHNP), which was created to protect vast tracts of dry, scenic woodland savannas north of Brasília, the capital of Brazil. The sunny valleys and 1,000-foot-tall, red sandstone cliffs of this reserve offer unique, charismatic wildlife attractions not found together in any other park in South America.

This reserve, which is one of Brazil’s largest national parks outside the Amazon, harbors the largest protected dry tropical forest in the world, a much rarer and more visitor-friendly habitat than is wet rainforest. Its open, sunny woodlands can be visited for many months each year, have vanishingly few mosquitoes, and are devoid of malaria or other tropical maladies. Additionally, in our favorite months, nighttime temperatures are delightfully cool, almost cold.

April through August are the best months for a visit. We avoid September, October, and November as it is very dry and often there are natural lightning fires at that time of year. In the months of December through March, there is some significant rain, and the animals are more dispersed and hard to find.

The world’s tallest and most elegant wild canid is the endangered Maned Wolf of Brazil and Bolivia. From April through August, we offer guaranteed viewing of this solitary, 27-kilo (60-pound) top predator at distances of only 5-15 meters and in spectacularly-scenic savanna woodland wilderness with 1,000-foot-high red-rock cliffs.

SouthWild offers the only site in the world where Maned Wolves can be seen on a guaranteed basis in their natural habitat. Our Wolf Camps also feature other unique wildlife spectacles, notably large flocks of Hyacinth Macaws up close in perfect light, and the world-famous TV stars—the hammer-rock-wielding Bearded Capuchin Monkeys, which we discovered in 2002 and appear regularly on international wildlife documentaries from BBC and National Geographic. The ideal place for a nature South America trip.

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