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Discover the untold stories of Jaguars of the Pantanal

Dear Nature Explorer,

For the first time ever, the enigmatic lives of over 200 jaguars have been meticulously documented in the ‘Jaguar Dossier.’ 

This pioneering digital guide, masterfully compiled by the esteemed Dr. Charles Munn and his expert team, offers an unprecedented glimpse into the intricate dance of survival of these majestic animals.

As you step silently through the dense foliage, where each whisper of leaves might conceal the heartbeat of a jaguar, this guide becomes your lens into a world previously hidden from view.

Each page you turn connects you with the very pulse of the Pantanal. 

These stories, once as elusive as the creatures themselves, are now revealed through research and identification photographs that bring this ecosystem to life.

Your journey through these pages transforms your appreciation for the wild into actionable insight that fuels conservation efforts.

By embracing the ‘Jaguar Dossier’, you join a community of guardians empowered to make a meaningful difference. 

This is your chance to stand at the forefront of preservation, to ensure that the majestic jaguar continues to roam the Pantanal not just in stories, but in the thriving reality of their natural habitat.

Understand Jaguars Like Never Before!

They say the moments that electrify our senses are the ones we hold dear for a lifetime:

“My heart skipped a beat as I locked eyes with a Wild Predator.”

“I connected with nature on a profound level, unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

“My thirst for adventure was quenched in ways I never thought possible.”

These instances of discovery and connection are the very essence of our existence.

Perhaps you’re someone who continually seeks the extraordinary, who has traversed diverse terrains in pursuit of wildlife discovery.

Let’s draw inspiration from your adventures…

Do you thrive on the adrenaline of capturing wildlife through your lens? 

Are you fueled by a thirst for knowledge about the natural world?

What tales would those closest to you share about your indomitable spirit and fervent passion for nature?

Here’s some thrilling news:

No matter your level of experience in exploration…

The Jaguar Dossier promises an enlightening journey of discovery through its pages!

It serves multiple purposes:

Also, this publication emerges at a pivotal moment!

As habitats face threats and the world grows more estranged from nature, the Jaguar Dossier acts as a vital conduit…

…deepening your understanding and forging a robust bond between humanity and the natural world.

In essence, this 272-page digital book is a celebration of the jaguar and the ongoing efforts to preserve these magnificent creatures!

Join the cause and be part of something greater.

How the Jaguar Dossier Reveals What No Other Guide Can!

This isn’t just any wildlife guide.

The ‘Jaguar Dossier’ represents the pinnacle of decades of research and expertise, meticulously compiled by the dedicated team at SouthWild, Dr. Munn’s conservation-focused travel organization. 

What sets this guide apart is the personal touch it incorporates!

Over 30 years, thousands of nature lovers like you have traveled to the SouthWild Pantanal Lodge, each contributing to a rich tapestry of first-time encounters with these majestic creatures.

From 2017 to 2022 alone, the ‘Jaguar Dossier’ has compiled over 200 of these unique identification moments. 

Adventurers passionate about wildlife didn’t just spot new jaguars—they had the privilege to name them, turning a moment of discovery into a lasting legacy!

Imagine this…

Upon turning the final page, you might find yourself transformed:

“This guide is more than literature; it’s a portal to becoming a protector of the Pantanal.”

“Capturing a jaguar on film is rare, identifying one by name is extraordinary!”

“Each discovery in this dossier draws me deeper into the heart of the Pantanal.”

“With every jaguar I come to know, I join the frontline of the conservation crusade.”

In essence…

Let the “Jaguar Dossier” revolutionize your perspective on nature!

From National Geographic to Your Hands Dr. Munn’s Legacy in Conservation

Dr. Charles Munn is one of the world’s most renowned conservation biologists.

His recognition as one of the Earth’s top leaders by TIME Magazine and his feature in two National Geographic Magazine cover stories underscore his unparalleled commitment and impact in the realm of conservation. 

Art Wolfe, the award-winning photographer, is a private guy.

But, here’s what he said:

“Charles Munn really was the pioneer in looking for Jaguars and setting all this idea that you could actually photograph Jaguars in the Wild, which unless you were extraordinarily lucky, you would never see. And now in the last 6 days, we’ve seen 6 different Jaguars in great situations…”

And he’s not alone…

Take Richard and His Wife as an example…

“My wife, Amy, and I traveled to the Pantanal and the Flotel with in September 2012, so it has been a while since we were there last.  We had several excellent jaguar and giant river otter sightings.  As Dr. Munn had promised, our sightings were much better than when we visited the Pantanal in 2007 with a different operator…”

Now, with his new endeavor, The Jaguar Dossier, he promises to continue enhancing efforts for the environment!

The revenue from this project helps SouthWild continue its eco-touristic initiatives to strengthen the preservation efforts in the Pantanal.

Take a glimpse at what you’ll get in the guide:

Jaguar Dossier

Your Ultimate Guide about Jaguars of the Pantanal

Unlock the Mysteries of the Jaguar ‘Family Album’:

When you get to know each Jaguar by its unique markings you foster a personal connection and empathy towards these majestic creatures.

From its origins to its status as a symbol of resilience and adaptability.


Journey with the jaguar through 65 million years of evolution—from the aftermath of the dinosaurs’ extinction to its current reign as the apex predator of the Americas.

Navigate the delicate balance of interests between ranchers and jaguars.

And curiously…

Discover the amazing tale of the unlikely friendship between Fishermen and Jaguars!

Find full details on page 13 of the Guide.

Understand how this sanctuary in the Pantanal exemplifies how tourism can be a weapon of mass preservation…

And how the experience of Jaguarland leaves an indelible mark on your personal story.

Perhaps, when you read this part…

You might smile from ear to ear, knowing you’re on the right side of this fight!

This showcases the power of photography, facilitating the monitoring of jaguar populations and public participation in wildlife protection.

Every name and face in the catalog serves as a call to action, urging you to advocate for their future.

Owning the “Jaguar Dossier” is like unlocking a treasure trove of wildlife knowledge that could otherwise cost you years of field research and thousands in travel and guided tour expenses. 

Imagine having the capability to identify and understand jaguars with the precision of a seasoned expert. 

What would that insight be worth to you?

Normally, hiring a professional tour for such specialized knowledge would cost upwards of $15,000. 

But today, you’re not even close to paying that. 

Not $1000 not $500—today only, on this page only, you can access the entire “Jaguar Dossier” for a mere $19,90.

The “Jaguar Dossier” is a comprehensive, 272-page PhD-backed digital book that brings the Pantanal’s Jaguar population to your fingertips. 

You’re getting decades of expert-led research and over 200 unique jaguar photographs for less than the daily cost of a coffee—just $0.66 cents a day when spread over a month.

No price should stand in the way of your passion for wildlife. 

That’s why this guide is extraordinarily affordable.

Moreover, this purchase is an investment in conservation. 

Every sale supports ongoing efforts to protect these magnificent creatures, bringing us one step closer to a sustainable future where jaguars continue to thrive in the wild.


And to make this decision even easier:

Should you find yourself dissatisfied for any reason within the first 7 days, you are free to get your money back! Just email us, and we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked!

But remember, this offer is exclusive to this page. 

Once you navigate away, you’ll miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to deepen your connection with nature.

You know how crucial this is—if you’re committed to wildlife preservation, leaving this to chance isn’t an option. 

Click the button below and unlock the door to a new world of understanding and adventure. 

So take action now. 

Enhance your knowledge and ensure future generations can also experience the thrill of encountering these majestic animals in their natural habitat. 

Click below and make the “Jaguar Dossier” yours today.

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Begin your journey by exploring the untold stories of the jaguars of the Pantanal.

As you connect with the content, visualize how this knowledge empowers your love for Wildlife! 

This immersive experience transforms your understanding of the Pantanal and your role in safeguarding its future.

Now’s the time to act!

You’re standing at a crossroads in the dense Pantanal wilderness, where each path represents a choice that lies before you right now. 

Let’s consider your options:

1 - Ignore this message and do nothing. This might seem like the easiest choice, right?

But think about what you’d be missing out on. The opportunity to dive deep into the untold stories of jaguars, to actively participate in conserving these magnificent animals. Ignoring it means missing out on enriching your knowledge and passion for nature.

It’s possible to sift through countless sources in an attempt to piece together a comprehensive understanding of jaguars. However, detailed and accurate information is scarce, and it can take years to compile what has already been meticulously put together in the “Jaguar Dossier.” Why spend countless hours on something that’s already at your fingertips?

With the “Jaguar Dossier,” you have the results of decades of research and conservation at your fingertips. It’s almost like having an experienced guide by your side, showing you every detail and secret of the Pantanal’s jaguars.

The final decision is yours, and only you know what’s best for you. But remember, each choice shapes the future—not just your own, but also that of the jaguars that call the Pantanal home. What impact do you want to have?

Unlock the Secrets of the Jaguar with Just One Click

Don’t let hesitation stand in the way of passion. 

Be one of the decisive few who choose to make a difference.

Join us. 

Together, let’s ensure the jaguars of the Pantanal are not just a tale of the past, but a thriving story of the present and a hopeful vision for the future.

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