The Ultimate Amazon Odyssey:

Welcome to a 5-Day Expedition into the Heart
of a Hidden Wildlife Paradise!

Embark on your Journey to Amazon's Untouched Haven - A True Bucket List Destination for every Nature Enthusiast

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where the mystical meets the unexplored, lies a hidden paradise that transcends the imagination. A place so enchanting, so untouched, it’s the embodiment of every explorer’s wildest dreams—a true bucket list destination.

As you venture into this untouched realm with SouthWild, you’re not just stepping into the unknown; you’re unraveling the secrets of a lost paradise.


Picture this: dense rainforest canopies, pristine riverbanks, and wildlife wonders that defy description. It’s a realm that sparks the imagination and beckons those who yearn for the extraordinary.

This isn’t your typical Amazon tour; it’s an odyssey into the heart of the world’s most revered wilderness. Here, where every leaf seems to whisper ancient tales, and every river bend hides untold wonders, you’ll experience a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Welcome to the Amazon, where nature’s hidden treasures await your discovery. 

Join us on an expedition that goes beyond the clichés, offering you a chance to check off the ultimate item on your bucket list. The Amazon, a true marvel of the wild, is calling. Are you ready to answer?


The most triumphant reforestation experiment in Amazonian history

Your Amazonian haven is located in a 10,300-hectare paradise along 12 kilometers (7 miles) of pristine riverfront in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

A French government conservation marvel since 1998, this sanctuary is a testament to 25 years of reforestation along with the prohibition of hunting and boasts 7 million replanted trees that sustain tapirs, toucans, monkeys and a wealth of biodiversity.

This monumental effort removed the equivalent of 58,000 cars from the roads, standing as the most successful reforestation initiative in Amazonian history!

Welcome to a haven where every planted tree echoes a commitment to the future, preserving the awe-inspiring wonders of the Amazon.

The world’s only Road Safari through Private, Protected Rainforests.

Your privileged lodge location will grant you an opportunity few can explore.

Our 10,300-hectare (26,000-acre) paradise boasts 40 kilometers of private rainforest roads, and our exclusive open safari trucks allow you to comfortably watch wildlife all along this road network.

It’s a captivating journey where you’ll witness extraordinary wildlife encounters and scenic wonders.

The Home to the Most Gorgeous Amazon Waterway 

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey along the magnificent Juruena River, a colossal waterway stretching over a kilometer wide—three times the breadth of London’s Thames River.

Spanning 900 to 1,100 meters, this majestic river reveals its splendor through intricate, narrower and wider branches, each offering diverse and breathtaking scenery.

This enchanting location serves as a guide, adorned with rocks and teeming with wildlife, presenting a captivating spectacle that immerses you in the true spirit of the Amazon.

“I’ve seen more than 100 Amazonian rivers in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and of course Brazil, but none holds a candle to the Juruena in terms of scenic splendor”
- Charles Munn, PhD, Amazon research biologist since 1976.

Star Species

Here are the featured rare wildlife species you'll be able to watch and check off on your life list!


  • Tapirs
  • Amazonian Umbrellabirds
  • Razor-billed Curassows
  • White-nosed Bearded Saki Monkeys
  • Cotingas and Tanagers
  • Gray Woolly Monkeys





These are just a few star species that await you In this vast Amazonian wilderness, where you will spot spectacular butterflies, toucans, and monkeys.

This is your Itinerary

A Detailed Day-by-Day Guide Throughout Your Real Amazon Sanctuary

Embark on Day 1:
A Symphony of Amazon Wonders Unfolds

Your naturalist guide welcomes you at Alta Floresta Airport, setting the tone for an extraordinary journey.

Savor a delightful buffet lunch near the airport, a prelude to the diverse flavors of the Amazon.

At 2 pm, we head to the east bank of the mighty Juruena River, a kilometer-meter-wide tributary of the Amazon.

Cross the river in our private wildlife boat, making a detour to meet the captivating Hoatzins—the charming “punk chickens.”

On the west bank, choose a quick 10-minute drive to the lodge or extend the adventure with a visit to a palm grove, a favorite spot of Brazilian Tapirs at dusk.

End the day with a buffet dinner and find your air-conditioned haven at SouthWild Amazon Lodge. 

Promising a night filled with the sounds of the rainforest. Rest well to prepare for more adventures the next day.

Unveiling Day 2:
Navigating the Enchanting Waters of Juruena

Begin your day with an optional dawn serenade amidst the forest’s melodies. Indulge in a sumptuous buffet breakfast, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring 4-hour wildlife voyage along the breathtaking Juruena River.

Embark on the river’s narrative, where encounters often unfold with Amazonian Umbrellabirds, whimsical Hoatzins, distinctive Razor-billed Curassows, monkey and the rare, uniquely-adorned, notably-misnamed White-nosed Bearded Saki, which boasts an absurd hot pink nose, and the grandeur of 600-pound Brazilian Tapirs.

Following a delightful lunch at the lodge and a brief siesta, experience the global exclusive activity of SouthWild Amazon: an open-top safari truck excursion on our private rainforest roads, spanning 50 km within the lodge’s extensive 26,000-acre property. 

Visit one of our four canopy towers nestled in the primary rainforest, offering a unique perspective.

As the day closes, you have the option of an early evening visit to the Tapir Palm Grove, just a four-minute drive from the lodge. 

Conclude the day with a remarkable buffet dinner before retiring to the comfort of your air-conditioned room.

Day 3:
Harmony of Wildlife Exploration

Begin your day with an early, hearty breakfast, paving the way for a journey into the heart of nature. Traverse our exclusive forest roads, followed by a short walk to discover two of the day’s most wildlife-rich fruiting trees. 

Our diligent research team monitors extensive forest trails, ensuring encounters with the most vibrant inhabitants.

Witness the lively congregation around the fruiting trees, unveiling seven toucan species, vibrant cotingas, and tanagers. 

Observe the elegance of the velvety Gray Woolly Monkeys and the uniquely adorned White-nosed Bearded Saki, boasting a distinctive hot pink nose.

Relish a satisfying lunch at the lodge, rejuvenate with a brief rest, and set out on an afternoon wildlife adventure along the unparalleled Juruena River.

For enthusiasts seeking more glimpses of Tapirs, an option awaits at the Tapir Palm Grove.

Conclude the day with a delightful dinner and retire to the cozyness of SouthWild Amazon Lodge for a restful overnight stay.

Day 4:
Immerse Yourself in the Lush Canopy Biology of the Amazon

Embark on Tower Day, a symphony of Amazonian wonders. Breakfast precedes an exploration amidst strategically positioned towers, offering an unparalleled perspective. 

SouthWild Amazon provides unrivaled four towers for canopy access, a testament to our commitment to immersive experiences.

A culinary interlude at the lodge is followed by further exploration of additional towers, each unveiling a canvas adorned with myriad species. 

With four towers at your disposal, the delightful predicament of abundance unfolds. Low-rise, wide stairs from front to back ensure ease on the legs.

As night falls, surrender to the allure of an Amazonian evening. A sumptuous dinner concludes another captivating day, leaving you in awe of rainforest wonders.

Day 5:
The Final Check on your Bucket List Amazon Adventure

In the soft morning light, relish a hearty breakfast before embarking on a tranquil hour-long boat ride among the captivating forest islands of the Juruena. Encounter nature’s finale—a dance of Giant Otters, elusive Tapirs, and the vibrant hues of macaws and Umbrellabirds.

The boat gently docks, signaling a transition to the next chapter. Board our air-conditioned vehicle for a scenic 3.5-hour drive back to Alta Floresta, reflecting on the echoes of the Amazon’s grandeur. 

At Cambalacho Restaurant, a final celebratory lunch awaits, a culinary ode to the flavors of our journey.

With hearts full and memories cherished, we guide you to the airport for your 2 pm flight back to Cuiabá. Soar into the sky, carrying the spirit of the Amazon—an indelible part of your own odyssey.

Exceptional Accommodation at SouthWild Amazon Lodge

Year-Round Accessible Oasis: Effortless arrival from Alta Floresta Airport, making your journey stress-free any time of the year!

Ground and Boat Transfers: Smooth transfers from your airport to your lodge ensuring your journey is as smooth and immersive in the rainforest.

Cool Comforts Amidst Nature’s Embrace: 24/7 electricity, WI-FI and Split A/C in the rooms, a luxurious rarity amidst the Amazon’s untamed beauty.

Amazonian Retreat in Spacious Rooms:

Seven purpose-built guest rooms, spanning 32 sq. m. each, boasting 24-hour electricity, air conditioning and ensuite hot-shower bathrooms, providing a haven of relaxation and repose in the heart of the rainforest.

Canopy Towers for Exclusive Wildlife Views: Immerse yourself in the rainforest canopy with our four easy-walk-up towers, providing a unique perspective for rainforest wildlife.

Brazilian-French Culinary Harmony in the Heart of the Amazon: Delight in a fusion of Brazilian and French culinary masterpieces, including options that match the rich flavors of the region and your personal taste.

Welcome Connectivity Amidst Wilderness: Throughout your stay, enjoy continuous connectivity with our free, 24-hour WiFi service, allowing you to share your Amazonian adventures in real-time and stay linked to the outside world.

This is your sanctuary in the hidden Paradise of South amazon

A High-Standard Culinary experience Awaits

A journey to SouthWild Amazon Lodge transcends the enchantment of wildlife and pristine wilderness; it is an odyssey into a grand confluence of Brazilian and French culinary artistry, perfectly intertwined.  This splendid merger is accentuated with contemporary vegetarian and vegan selections, ensuring a diverse and delightful gastronomic experience for every palate.

The journey of taste does not end there. The sweetness of the Amazon is captured in our homemade cakes and puddings, each a masterpiece, conjuring the divine desserts of France, with a tropical twist that only the wild, mystical Amazon can inspire.

Investment Details:

Book based on your travel preferences for this  Lifetime Bucket List Journey

Solo Traveler


Price per person in double room:


Single Supplement:


Price includes:

– Private, English-speaking naturalist guide, exclusive to your group.

– Accommodation as noted.

– Private Transfers, exclusive to your group.

– Meals and excursions as noted

 Act Now for an Intimate Small Group Safari

Year-round, the Amazon orchestrates mesmerizing biological spectacles. Align your journey with nature’s grand performances to witness vibrant bird dances and the awe-inspiring circle of life.

However, our steadfast commitment to quality and authenticity means spots vanish swiftly. This is why you need to act fast and join a privileged few who experience the Amazon’s wonders up close.

As pioneers in ethical wildlife tourism, SouthWild assures more than a visit—it’s a guided odyssey led by experts. Our knowledgeable guides connect you with the rainforest’s essence. Limited capacity makes these opportunities fleeting.

Seize this moment to dive into the heart of the Amazon’s allure. Your bucket list adventure awaits, but time is running out. 

Secure your spot now, and let the secrets of the Amazon unfold exclusively for you.

Pioneering Conservation: 
Dr. Charles Munn, the mind behind SouthWild

In the vast landscape of Amazon eco-tourism, one name resonates with unparalleled depth—Dr. Charles Munn. Armed with a PhD in evolution and ecology from Princeton, Charles is not just a distinguished academic but a fervent explorer, finely attuned to the nuanced rhythms of nature.

Continuing the Legacy: Allied to the conservation efforts of the French government, Charles leads the ongoing preservation initiatives at SouthWild Amazon Lodge.

His vision extends beyond exploration, encompassing a dedicated commitment to ensuring the thriving existence of future generations of wildlife in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

His insatiable curiosity and groundbreaking discoveries have led him deep into the heart of the Amazon, unveiling secrets that were once only the stuff of dreams. Yet, Charles’s influence extends far beyond the boundaries of this expansive wilderness.

As a field conservationist for the Wildlife Conservation Society, his work in macaw biology, park creation, and pioneering models of rainforest ecotourism is hailed as a global benchmark for applied conservation biology.

Charles’s visionary efforts have played a pivotal role in establishing a staggering 15 million acres of new protected areas and Indian Reserves in Amazonian Peru and Bolivia—an expanse comparable to the entire state of New Hampshire.

His innovative predator-viewing systems not only offer unparalleled wildlife experiences but have also created thousands of new, conservation-related jobs.

Globally recognized for his profound impact, Charles has graced the covers of two National Geographic stories.

In 2013, Condé Nast Traveller acknowledged him as one of the world’s top three wildlife tourism experts, uniquely representing the Western Hemisphere.

His accolades extend further; in 1994, TIME magazine identified his transformative influence, naming him one of the 100 future leaders of the world—a prestigious list that included luminaries like Bill Gates.

At the core of Charles’s endeavors lies a deep commitment to conservation and community. Acknowledging the transformative power of immersive experiences, he meticulously crafted the Amazon Odyssey tour.

Every detail, from the selected routes to the adept guides, reflects his profound understanding and respect for the Amazon’s intricate web of life.

Embark on a SouthWild adventure and transcend the ordinary. Join the legacy of Charles Munn, experiencing the wonders of the Amazon through the eyes of a visionary dedicated to understanding, preserving, and championing its marvels.

Guided by Amazon's Best: Your Expedition Leaders

Our guides are more than just experts; they are torchbearers of Charles’s profound understanding of the Amazon’s intricate ecosystems.

Meticulously trained by the man himself, they bring to life the wonders of the rainforest, revealing its secrets with an intimacy that only decades of research can provide.

In the company of these specialists, your journey transcends the ordinary. Navigate hidden corners, listen to tales woven into the land, and witness moments of pure magic—experiences that define a SouthWild expedition.

Charles’s knowledge, carefully passed down to our guides, transforms your adventure into a voyage of insight and wonder.

Join us on an expedition that goes beyond the surface, where each guided step is a testament to the enduring legacy of Dr. Charles Munn.

Explore the Amazon with SouthWild, where expertise meets exploration in a symphony of discovery.

Preserving the Amazon's Essence:
Your Exploration, Our Commitment

Embark on an extraordinary journey with SouthWild Amazon, where exploration intertwines with a profound commitment to preservation. 

Our purpose extends beyond the sheer marvels of the rainforest; it is a commitment to actively safeguard the Amazon’s pristine beauty and uplift the communities that call this enchanting region home.

Choosing SouthWild Amazon isn’t just an adventure—it’s a pivotal contribution to our mission. Each expedition plays a vital role in supporting the local economy, ensuring that the communities coexisting with the Amazon’s wildlife thrive alongside the very treasures we cherish.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that authentic conservation is a harmonious dance between humanity and nature. 

With every traveler who joins us, we take a stride toward realizing our vision: an Amazon where nature flourishes, communities prosper, and the enchantment of the wild endures, untouched for generations.

Beyond our commitment to the Amazon, our dedication to the planet is resolute. Our flagship lodge proudly stands as a haven of sustainability, ensuring that our love for exploration leaves no harmful footprints behind.

Join us on this transformative odyssey, where every step crafts a legacy of preservation. Your exploration becomes an integral part of a mission that safeguards the magic of the Amazon, one adventure at a time.

SouthWild Exclusive Tapir Guarantee Your amazon tour wildlife sightings are not just a promise!

Complete Refund: Our promise is our bond. If during your adventure with us, you go on all the outings that we suggest and yet you still do not see a Brazilian Tapir, the largest land animal in South America, we’ll refund every penny that you paid us for the  SouthWild Amazon experience. While other costs such as flights or other adventures in Brazil are not covered, rest assured that every cent spent on our tour will be returned. Your trust is paramount, and we’re devoted to upholding it.

Repeat Adventure: If a refund doesn’t quite fit your expectations, we open our doors to you once more, entirely on us. Relive the SouthWild Amazon tour within the next two years, absolutely free.

This isn’t just a business assurance; it’s a testament to our unshakeable confidence and a personal commitment from us to you. With SouthWild, you’re not merely a traveler; you’re an integral part of our family. We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to ensuring your Amazonian adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

Immersive Amazon Exploration:
Beyond Comparison

Embark on a journey beyond imagination with SouthWild’s Amazon Adventure. This is not just a tour; it’s an intimate exploration born from decades of dedication, passion, and profound reverence for the Amazon rainforest.

Every meander of the river, every murmur in the foliage, every breath of the wind has been meticulously considered to craft an experience that stands unrivaled—free from commercial veneer and unmatched by any other.

Yet, in the raw allure of nature, time doesn’t linger. The Amazon Adventure is a fleeting opportunity, with only a limited number of spots available for those truly yearning to discover the heart of the Amazon.

Are you prepared to seize your exclusive gateway into the secret world of nature? Your Amazonian odyssey awaits!

Why Opt for SouthWild's Amazon Adventure?

Convenient Airport Access:

Your journey begins at Alta Floresta Airport, ensuring easy and stress-free arrival.

25 Years of Protective Sanctuary:

Revel in the safety of an area shielded from hunting for a quarter of a century, allowing wildlife to thrive undisturbed.

Spacious Rooms with Modern Amenities:

Enjoy large rooms equipped with continuous Wi-Fi, uninterrupted electricity, and Split A/C, providing a cozy retreat after your Amazonian adventures.

Awe-Inspiring Biodiversity:

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Amazon, home to an astonishing array of wildlife, from a guaranteed encounter with tapirs to playful monkeys.

The Amazon's Crown Jewel River:

 Discover the breathtaking beauty of the most enchanting river in the Amazon, the Juruena.

Exclusive Driving in Tropical Rainforest:

Experience a unique adventure as the only place in the world where you can drive on private roads in an unhunted tropical rainforest.

Unrivaled Canopy Tower Access:

Explore four towers offering the best view of the canopy and wildlife. With more canopy access points than any other unhunted rainforest site in the world, our towers are designed with safety, width, and ease of use, ensuring an enriching experience for visitors of all ages.

Transparency Matters:

No hidden agendas here. We believe in straightforward communication—get the details you need without the runaround often encountered elsewhere.

Conservation Commitment:

We’ve played a pivotal role in creating 15 million acres of new protected areas in the Amazon. Join us in preserving these pristine regions for generations to come.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the expertise and legacy of Dr. Charles Munn, a global leader in ecotourism and wildlife exploration. Your journey is guided by his vision and decades of research.

Quality over Quantity:

Unlike those focused on sheer numbers, we prioritize your satisfaction and enrichment. Our emphasis is on delivering quality experiences that resonate, making your adventure truly exceptional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the best time of year to visit the Amazon with SouthWild?

The Amazon is a year-round spectacle. However, the vacancy of our Hidden Paradise Tour sell out quickly. Our advice is for you to book a call with our specialists as soon as possible to secure the specific days that match your schedule.

2. Is the tour suitable for all ages?

The SouthWild Amazon tour is designed for travelers seeking an authentic encounter with the rainforest. Therefore the experience is generally suitable for ages 18 and above.  For a more tailored experience, consider a private tour. Reach out to us with specific needs or concerns for personalized arrangements.

3. How physically demanding is the tour?

The SouthWild Amazon tour prioritizes relaxation and immersion. With minimal walking, physical exertion is limited. Your comfort is our focus. You may even choose the Rainforest Drive on our Safari truck! Inform us of any mobility concerns in advance for personalized assistance.

4. What should I pack for the trip?

Once booked, we’ll provide a detailed packing list. Generally, pack lightweight clothing, sneakers or walking shoes, binoculars, camera gear, and personal essentials for an enriching rainforest experience. There are almost no mosquitoes at all at SouthWild Amazon, not even in the rainy season!

5. What if I have dietary restrictions?

No worries! SouthWild understands diverse dietary choices. Our French Brazilian culinary team, including owners who follow a vegan diet, caters to vegans, vegetarians, and various dietary preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover, gluten-free, or have specific needs, we ensure delightful, customized meals.

6. How is SouthWild contributing to conservation?

SouthWild’s commitment to the Amazon goes beyond exploration. A significant portion of our revenue supports conservation projects, preserving the Amazon’s beauty. Engage in community initiatives, including support for local facilities. With SouthWild, your journey contributes to positive impacts on nature and the community.

7. What's the group size for the SouthWild Amazon tour?

Intimacy and authenticity define our tours. Departures are guaranteed even with one traveler. To maintain a personalized experience and minimal environmental impact, we cap groups at a maximum of 10 participants. Typically, our tours host 4-8 guests for an immersive adventure.

8. Is Wi-Fi available during the tour?

Absolutely! Enjoy free 24-hour Wi-Fi at our lodges, ensuring you stay connected throughout your Amazonian adventure.

9. How do I get to the starting point of the tour?

Your Amazonian journey commences at Alta Floresta Airport. With 5 flights weekly from Cuiaba (the Jaguar Capital), reaching Alta Floresta in 55 minutes. Ground and boat transfers are included, ensuring a seamless experience upon your arrival. Moreover, our commitment to the planet is unwavering, with our flagship lodge in Pantanal being carbon-neutral, leaving no harmful footprints behind. And every year the forests of SouthWild Amazon Lodge are sucking many tons of carbon out of the atmosphere!

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