Conserving wild South America for over 30 years

Experience nature's transformative power by immersing yourself in its beauty, learning about its many wonders, and capturing breathtaking photos of its most spectacular and elusive animals. These unforgettable experiences will not only deepen your appreciation for nature but also transform you in ways you never thought possible.


Utilizing the power of wild and visible animals, SouthWild has protected millions of acres of habitat across South America through the creation of national parks, private reserves, and responsible wildlife tourism industries.

We continue to discover, create, and operate the greatest wildlife destinations in South America to forever continue growing the power of wild animals to protect themselves.

All of our trips are tailor-made to take you in comfort to see South America's wildest.

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  • Art Wolfe

    In 2022, award-winning photographer Art Wolfe had yet another spectacular season with SouthWild. A pioneer in conservation photography, Wolfe has traveled with SouthWild since the beginning and has seen our projects evolve in quality and impact. His work has been praised by advocates and artists such as Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, and Morgan Freeman, to name a few.

    Art Wolfe
Sally J

A Lovely Spot This is a wildlife lodge in Patagonia, so it isn’t a resort! That said, it was the nicest of the three places we stayed in The Pantanal. There are only about 16 rooms, so it is an intimate setting. Thanks goodness the ac in the rooms is excellent, as it was over 100 degrees f every day we were there. Our room was nice and cool when we arrived; it was simple, but attractive and very clean. There was lots of shelving for our luggage; the shower had plenty of hot water. We shared our bathroom with a sweet little tree frog at times: we loved it! The dining room is unfortunately not air conditioned, as it is jus screened in. It gets hot at dinner time! But, the food was very good, by far the best of the places we stayed. There was always a variety of veggies and salad, two kinds of rice, pasta, beef and chicken or fish at dinner. Breakfast and lunch always had a lot to chose from, too. The fruit juices were excellent. When they discovered I ate fish, but not beef or chicken, they fixed me fish every day! The passionfruit mousse for dessert was one of the best things I have ever tasted! The bar makes great mixed drinks, too. There are plenty of bird feeders and comfortable outside seating around the lodge, so it’s a great spot for “lazy birding!” The boat rides were lots of fun: we saw several tapirs one evening, a lots of good birds every time we went out. Monkeys, too. And giant river otters. They have an area where they feed an ocelot who comes to visit. We were lucky we saw it the first night there. We enjoyed watching the jays steal the food, and the monkeys tease the ocelot, too! Capybaras can usually be found around the lodge, and we saw a crab eating fox one morning, too. The staff was very accommodating. This was really a special place.


This lodge is outstanding in every way. The guides are excellent, the staff kind, and the management extremely professional and helpful (thank you so much for a wonderful stay Alex!). Plus the wildlife around is pretty extraordinary. We have been lucky enough to visit some of the top wildlife destinations around the world, staying in the best lodges - this certainly ranks among them.

Dita F

The only regret is that we stayed only 2 nights We stayed at SouthWild Pantnal lodge (Fazenda Santa Tereza) at the start of our July 2023 trip to Mato Grosso and it was a wonderful place to start our 3 week vacation. The managerial staff were very helpful, first by agreeing to change the dates of our reservation (we missed our connecting flight and arrived a day late in Brazil) and then helping us get our suitcase that arrived in Brazil a few days later. The staff took care of making arrangements with the airline to deliver it to the lodge and then stored it for us until we picked it up on our way back from Porte Joffre. The lodge itself is perfect, situated on the river teeming with wildlife, grounds that meticulously groomed , lovely rooms that were spacious and clean and very good food ( as a vegetarian I was very happy with the many vegetarian options included in the large buffet that was offered at all the meals).The staff at the lodge were all very pleasant and helpful . Saving the best for last was our wonderful, helpful English (and also some hebrew!) speaking guide Israel Dasilva who was very knowledgeable about the birds and mammals in the area. We went on 2 boat tours and 2 walking tours with him and were very impressed by his ability as a spotter and his knowledge as a naturalist, familiar with not only the names of the many birds but also their behavior , recognizing and finding many birds by their singing. .

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Ready-to-Book Trips to see the best South America's countries to visit and see the most iconic species.

New Galapagos

$15,000 $12,000 / Person
  • Amazing guide team
  • Tour
  • Transfer
  • Lodges
  • Food
  • 24 Hour Electricity, AC/WI-FI

Harpyland, Southwild Amazon

$5,000 $3,000 / Person
  • Amazing guide team
  • Tour
  • Transfer
  • Lodges
  • Food
  • 24 Hour Electricity, AC/WI-FI

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