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If you are looking for a hotel close to the Cuiabá Airport, Hotel Slaviero is the best option. The hotel is only 400 meters from the airport and offers a 24-hour airport shuttle. Hotel Slaviero Slim is modern, compact, and minimalist but it still has plenty of amenities and features to keep you cool, comfy, and well-fed.
Extra excited to get going on your SouthWild adventure? Hotel Slaviero Slim is perfect for comfortable and convenient stays very near the airport. Practically an in-airport hotel, Hotel Slaviero Slim is just a two-minute drive from the airport arrivals gate via the 24-hour shuttle service. The hotel features a spare but modern,, providing all of the basics you need in a convenient location.
The hotel features a restaurant and a bar and is located within a 5-7-min walk of multiple dining options at Várzea Grande Shopping Mall. The hotel serves a delicious buffet breakfast specifically designed for travelers; breakfast is served starting at 5 AM for those who have early flights to catch.
The hotel staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and some speak excellent English. Importantly, staff members remain on-site 24 hours a day to warmly welcome guests who arrive during the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning. For this reason, Hotel Slaviero Slim is the perfect lodging option for guests with flights arriving or departing extra late or extra early.
Airport hotels are notorious for being noisy at all hours. Our guests have reported, however, that this hotel is surprisingly quiet due to it’s double-pane windows and the fact that the runway is off to the side of the single runway. If you or someone in your group is an especially light sleeper, our special relationship with the hotel allows us to guarantee your placement in the quietest rooms possible. Guests thus can enjoy the convenience of staying very close to the airport without suffering from plane racket.
Sometimes hotel activities, extra amenities, and recreational options aren’t really needed or desired. Hotel Slaviero Slim provides guests with a comfortable, convenient lodging option without a lot of extra bells and whistles. Flexible scheduling and travel-oriented amenities set this hotel apart from the rest. Guests who view their stay in Cuiaba as a gateway to their adventures in the Pantanal or Southern Amazon and are excited to get to their destination quickly will find that Hotel Slaviero Slim has everything they need and nothing they don’t.

When to visit Hotel Slaviero Slim

Cuiabá is your gateway to the lush Southern Amazon and wild Pantanal. The city serves as a launchpad for SouthWild’s many adventures in the heart of Brazil.

The 50-million-acre Pantanal, including the 250,000 acres that we affectionately call “Jaguarland”, is the perfect place to see Jaguars, Ocelots, Brazilian Tapirs, Giant Otters, Capybaras, Hyacinth Macaws and much, much more. The luxuriant Southern Amazon is home to 600 species of tropical birds, 80 species of mammals, and immense diversity of flowering plants. Notably, it is the best location on Earth to see the majestic Harpy Eagle and its adorable, fluffy, pure-white chicks! As these wild locations are remote, guests first need to fly nonstop from São Paulo or Brasilia to Cuiabá to start their SouthWild adventure in the Pantanal or Southern Amazon.

The best time of year to take a trip to the Pantanal is 1 June through 15 November. During this season, the weather is favorable, and the wildlife is most visible. The Southern Amazon, on the other hand, has no “best” season; it is beautiful and teeming with life year-round and never has noticeable mosquitoes! If you are interested in visiting active Harpy Eagle nests with tiny babies and huge adults, the best months are December through June.

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When to visit Hotel Slaviero Slim?

The hotel features an on-site restaurant that serves a free breakfast buffet and a bar for guests who would like to unwind with a post-flight drink. The buffet breakfast starts at 5AM, perfect for early departures.

Though the hotel website describes the breakfast buffet as a “continental” breakfast, it is much more than a basket of apples and a sampling of single-serving cereal boxes. Instead, the buffet consists of a beautiful display of tropical fruits, ham, cheese, scrambled eggs, juices and coffee, hand-crafted breakfast pastries, and plenty of other options.

For lunch and dinner, plenty of dining options can be found within a 5-7-minute walk of the hotel, notably the Airport Grill and inside the Varzea Grande Shopping Mall. The mall contains a fun steakhouse named “Detroit” and 15 options of more casual dining in the food court. The mall also has a delicious ice cream parlor with uniquely-Brazilian fruit flavors such as cupuaçu and açaí.

Speaking of the mall, did we mention that it hosts over a hundred retailers? It’s the perfect place to stock up on ítems you forgot to pack, to find souvenirs to bring home after your journey, or to do some casual window shopping and to scope out the latest Brazilian notions of style in clothes, make-up, and hair.

Hotel Slaviero Slim Accommodations

Accommodation & Amenities:

Each chic, minimalist room at Hotel Slaviero Slim has either a queen-sized bed or two twin-sized beds, an en suite bathroom with a hot shower, a writing desk, and a flat-screen TV. To add to the comfort and convenience, each room is air-conditioned, and there is strong reliable wifi. Beyond these features, the hotel offers little in the way of extra comforts such as the jacuzzis at Hotel Deville or the tea kettles, bidets, and wildlife at Hotel Fazenda Mato Grosso.

This lack of frills, however, is not a strike against Hotel Slaviero Slim; in fact, the simplicity is what makes the hotel so perfect for a quick, affordable overnight. Instead of paying for lots of extra amenities that you likely won’t have the time or energy to enjoy on your way to the Pantanal or Southern Amazon, Hotel Slaviero Slim offers you exactly what you need in a succinct, modern package.