SouthWild Lodges

SouthWild Lodges

SouthWild’s comfortable lodges and camps are scientifically-selected to offer the finest wildlife experience in the Americas. Our various lodges offer the world’s only guaranteed viewing of the following top predators: Jaguars, Giant Otters, Ocelots, Maned Wolves, and Harpy Eagles. To crack the code on how to see these elusive animals, SouthWild scientists spent decades exploring the wildest corners of South America, following thousands of leads from every imaginable source, including fellow scientists, hunters, ex-trappers, homesteaders, and indigenous people. Each of our five lodges presents a unique solution for traveling in comfort to enjoy these charismatic species as well as a host of other wildlife. Our lodges display the finest wildlife in the three main tropical ecosystems of South America: the Pantanal wetlands, the “Cerrado” Savannas, and the Amazon rainforest. In 14 days, travelers can and do visit all three of these ecosystems.

SouthWild Pantanal Lodge

Guaranteed Ocelots (seen on Nat Geo’s ”Earth Live”) are the top attraction at our 15-room, air-conditioned lodge on our private, 4,000-acre wildlife reserve of savannas and gallery forest in the north Pantanal. Our Jabiru nest tower and wildlife-rich river complete the show.

SouthWild Flotel & Jaguar Suites

Guaranteed Jaguars and Giant Otters on the rivers are the main attractions of “Jaguarland”, the 1% of the Pantanal that offers the world’s best Jag viewing. ”Jaguar Suites” is our floating hotel with 12 very spacious, air-conditioned rooms in the middle of the Jag action—simply the best guest rooms in the entire Pantanal.

SouthWild Amazon Lodge

With 8 air-conditioned rooms on our exclusive, 25,000-acre property in the southern Amazon on the scenic Juruena River, this lodge boasts 3 canopy platforms, more large monkeys per day than anywhere else in the Americas, and guaranteed Harpy Eagles and Tapirs. In sum, it is the finest wildlife lodge in all of Amazonia.

SouthWild Wolf Camps

The world’s tallest and most elegant wild canids, Maned Wolves, are guaranteed here in natural savanna woodlands of a 1.7-mm-acre national park. Two camps with spacious bungalows, no biting insects, and amazingly-cool nights. Famous nut-cracking capuchins and flocks of Hyacinth Macaws also are featured.