Capture the Extraordinary:

Harpyland's Filmmaking Expedition Your Gateway to Amazon's Pristine Beauty


A Cinematic Journey in the Heart of the Amazon

Embark on a visual odyssey in Harpyland, a complete invitation to explore the mysteries of one of the biggest avian extravaganzas of the Amazon. Crafted exclusively for filmmakers, professional photographers, and those who seek the exceptional, your destination is not just a sanctuary; it’s a vibrant canvas.

Here, under the emerald embrace of untouched wilderness, every frame tells a story of unparalleled beauty. It’s an ode to nature’s secrets, an exploration beyond the ordinary. This destination beckons those who yearn to capture the elusive, script a visual masterpiece, and dance with the extraordinary.

Step into this living symphony, where the call of the wild harmonizes with the artistry of your lens. The expedition awaits, inviting you to create cinematic magic in a realm where the tree canopies reveal its hidden treasures. 


The Majesty of the Harpy Eagle

With legs as robust as a man’s wrist and talons rivaling a Grizzly Bear’s, the Harpy Eagle surpasses the Bald Eagle of the USA in grandeur. It is, in fact, the world’s most massive aerial predator. Thriving in tall, mature tropical rainforests, this apex predator preys on medium-to-large monkeys, sloths, and even armadillos. Our mission is to offer a cinematic marvel to you – a rare opportunity for filmmakers to capture the Harpy Eagle in its natural habitat.


Our Exclusive Approach in Conservation 

Utilizing a unique network, including Brazil nut collectors who operate in extensive Amazonian territories, we’ve identified 35 Harpy Eagle nests. With no harm to the environment, in these special locations, we are permitted to approach nests where the majestic birds are familiar with human presence


Purpose-Built Observation Towers

Our commitment to you is demonstrated by purpose-built observation towers available to position strategically near active nests. These towers are relocated based on the “nests of the season,” ensuring optimal viewing conditions. Limited space ensures an intimate tour, accommodating up to 6 people comfortably at the top of our biggest tower


Harpy Guaranteed: Your Incomparable Filmmaking Experience

Plan a one-of-a-kind journey with SouthWild, where we guarantee excellent views of a full-grown Harpy Eagle. Whether it’s a ONE DAY visit to our Harpy Towers or a two-to-three-day immersive tour, our focus is providing a 99.99% chance of capturing stunning visuals of the Harpy Eagle up close against a lush green backdrop


A Safe Haven for Your Lens in the Wild

While this experience is not available to the general public, we’ve preserved the Harpyland project exclusively for filmmakers, professional photographers, and special productions. Unlock the opportunity to capture the elusive beauty of the Harpy Eagle in its natural habitat. Contact us for exclusive access and detailed information on this rare and unique opportunity.

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