Wildlife of Chilean Patagonia

Wildlife of Chilean Patagonia

After having evaluated all the finest wildlife attractions of southern Chile, we have designed an all-star wildlife itinerary for serious wildlife lovers….and we call it “Wildlife of Chilean Patagonia”. This itinerary includes the Pumas of Pumaland, Guanacos, Chilean Flamingoes, Darwin’s Rheas, the Andean Condors of Condor Cliffs, Magellanic Penguins, King Penguins, and Humpback Whales. All of these species can be seen and photographed well in an itinerary of only 15-17 days. Each of these attractions is amazing in itself, but together, they make for a real blockbuster of a trip.

There are considerations of seasonality and weather, however, that will help guide the planning of your trip. First of all, the ferocious wind that is common in the months of October through March cannot be ignored, as the boat trips required to see Magellanic Penguins and King Penguins can be canceled for a day or two due to excessively high winds (80-140 kmph).

Furthermore, the wonder of walking among 150,000 Magellanic Penguins is available only during those same windy months. The King Penguins are available all year, but there are only 100 and you watch them from fairly far away (20-85 meters). The months of June and July have almost zero wind, but in those months, the roads freeze almost every night, while most days are slightly above freezing.

Puma mothers first bring out their new cubs in March and April, while the Condors of Condor Cliffs and the Flamingoes of the various salt lakes also are seasonal. Weighing the pros and cons of the different seasons means that every month of the year is worth a trip, though if you had to cut out one month, we would say avoid August, as the roads freeze and the winds are coming back up from the June-July lull.

Almost all the hotels of Torres del Paine close during the austral winter, from 1 May until 15 September. Thus, in those winter months, you have to work with our expert agents to design an itinerary that can achieve your wildlife goals. Many wildlife photographers choose to visit Paine in June and July to try to photograph Pumas in the snow, and often that works very well.

Work with our expert planners to design the perfect trip for you that will combine comfort with flexibility and adventure in South America.

Hotels in Chilean Patagonia vary from good to spectacular, and we know them all. Speak with us about the options.

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