Brown Bear Bay

SouthWild Brown Bear Bay

We can we safely watch the world’s largest terrestrial predators from amazingly-short distances. This extraordinary opportunity is thanks to the ingenious planning by the previous owner, visionary conservationist Richard Hojohn, who intentionally built the cabins right next to (but not on) natural bear trails that run through the forest.
These bear trails run through higher-ground forest along the edge of a favorite tidal sedge field in which the bears graze for much of the summer. We watch the bears through huge picture windows, through doors that we open for a few seconds when bears hilariously are scratching their backs on nearby trees (something that happens almost daily there), or from a high porch well beyond the reach of even the tallest bear. We also take guided walks in the large sedge meadow that the bears like to graze.

SouthWild Brown Bear Bay Accommodations

We currently have eight guest beds, namely 5 in the large cabin, and 3 in the medium-sized cabin. The third cabin is a two-story yurt that is a command center reserved for me and my management team. We can accept groups of up to 8 guests. As the large cabin and the medium-sized cabin each have only one hot-shower bathroom, those two cabins are best treated simply as two double-occupancy guest rooms. The big cabin is grossly oversized for just two persons, so this year we will treat it as one huge guest room ideal for 1 to 5 persons. It is ideal for a family of 4-5.

When to visit SouthWild Brown Bear Bay

The season is 1 June to 15 September, so please contact us immediately to secure bookings for the rest of July through
mid-September. Come enjoy the world’s finest Brown Bear viewing and help us plan the future conservation of the bears at this incredible location.